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  • Get Face To Face In Your Next Meeting With Video Conferencing Online!

    Are you tired of traveling to get to your next meeting? Do you feel your productivity is going down the tubes? Get face to face today and take advantage of Bow Video Conferencing Online to conduct your next meeting with customers, partners, or within your own organization.

    Bow Video Conferencing Online offers the most comprehensive, flexible and dynamic communications environment today. Using video conferencing online, corporations are drastically reducing travel and hiring budgets due to a slowing economy. At the same time, they are demanding higher productivity and communications from employees.

    The net of the current situation is that organizations have a compelling need for enhanced communications, faster decision making, and the deployment of new technologies that reduce costs. Research analysts have closely studied how new technologies can deliver solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

    Video Conference Online 25% of all customer meetings will be conducted via Video Conferencing Online (Gartner Group)

    Video Conference Online 54% of corporate executives believe that Video Conferencing Online will reduce their reliance on business travel. (IDC)

    Video Conference Online Executives expect Video Conferencing Online to reduce total travel by at least 20% (IDC)

    Video Conference Online At least one in ten business trips could be replaced by Video Conferencing Online. (IDC)

    Bow Video Conferencing Online Benefits

    Video Conferencing Online Saves Time
    Most video conferencing online are two or fewer hours in duration. This means time spent getting to and from a meeting is often greater than the length of the Video Conferencing Online meeting itself.

    Cost of Video Conferencing Online
    A one-hour Video Conferencing Online session can cost as little as $125. When compared to expenses associated with travel to short meetings, the savings can be significant.

    Increased Productivity with Video Conferencing Online
    Video Conferencing Online increases workplace productivity by alleviating the time and mental duress incurred through extensive travel. .

    Video Conferencing Online Gives You Increased Participation
    Increased participation means more productive meetings and less need for debriefing staff unable to attend.

    More Timely and Frequent Communications Using Video Conferencing Online
    Video Conferencing Online allows meetings to take place with little advanced notice and has allowed for shorter, more frequent interaction.

    Visual Advantages of Using Video Conferencing Online
    The visual aspects of Video Conferencing Online make multiple participants less cumbersome to deal with. Participants also cite the ability to share graphics interactively as a key advantage of video.

    Applications for Video Conferencing Online

    Video Conference Online Launch new products and services to your sales force without taking them out of the field.

    Video Conference Online Showcase introductions and product releases to employees, shareholders, and clients.

    Video Conference Online Provide certification programs to geographically dispersed audiences.

    Video Conference Online Conduct focus group sessions to help bring products to market faster.

    Video Conference Online Create personalized sales presentations for your customers and reduce timely sales cycles.

    Video Conference Online Provide a simple but effective way to get more out of training sessions by giving your audience something for their eyes as well as their ears.

    Video Conference Online Great for Human Resource Departments to get out information about policy and procedure changes. Ideal for new employee orientations and employment interviews.

    Video Conference Online Add additional features like Videostreaming or Audio Conferencing to increase the number of participants during multipoint events.

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